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QZ102 Pure White

Product Description


As a leader in artificial stone industry, artificial quartz stone is a kind of new material, compressed under vacuum condition with 93% of quartz sand and 7% of resin and other pigment. Characterized by pollution-resistance, corrosion-resistance and scratch-resistance, artificial quartz stone is universally applied into kitchen countertop and flooring in public areas. Since natural granite has limits in mining quantity and environmental matters, it has been gradually replaced by artificial quartz stone.


Product Material:


93% quartz sand, resin, other pigment。


Product Features:


Colors resistance;corrosion resistance; heat resistance; high hardness; scratch resistance; low water absorption; easy processing;


Regular Size:


3200*1600mm; 3000*1600mm; 3000*1200mm; 600*600mm; 800*800mm




Kitchen countertop; Bathroom vanity top; Flooring tiles; Wall tiles, etc.