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Huian Beauty (C-PN002)

Product Description


“What Suzhou and Hangzhou embroid is silk; What Southern Fujian embroids is stone.”


Stone shadow-engraving art, called “unique Chinese skill”, origins from The Kangxi Years. It is a purely hand-made art with micro drill rod to engrave picture on polished stone panel, which is originally popular in Huian town, Fujian province. The finished products own optical effect of photography and reflect brushworks techniques of drawing. It can not only be the artworks gifts, but also own art appreciation values.


Product Material:


Black granite, colors pigment;


Product Features:


Customized style, quality-assurance; Hand-made, clear picture;

Fine and true, various formats; Non-yellowed, Non-fading;

Washable with Permanent Preservation


Regular Size:


12*16 cm;  15*20 cm;  15*28 cm;  18*25 cm;

18*36 cm;  22*30 cm;  25*50 cm;  30*30 cm;




Artworks gifts; Home furnishing ornaments, etc.